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3 Ways to Level Up your Productivity

You’ve had it happen a million times. You have a to-do list a mile long and yet when you sit down to do it you can’t seem to get it done. For some reason, productivity just seems to escape you. No matter how much you try to do the work, you can’t seem to find the energy to do it. Or maybe you’ve been “doing” things all day and then you look back and realize that you didn’t actually get anything done. You were busy, but not productive. It seems like people think that productivity will just come to them if they sit down to work on things. But like anything else in life, productivity is something you have to work on. There are many things you can do to level up your productivity, but here are 3 simple ideas to get you started. Focus on One Thing When we have so many things to do, we easily get overwhelmed and bogged down by the sheer volume. And then we end up not doing anything. Instead of focusing on the many things that you need to accomplish, pick the most important thin

8 Things To Do If You Want People To Like You

1. Never Forget To Be Yourself Never has there been a much more clich├ęd statement in this world. But the meaning is evergreen. You may be a stay-at-home husband, or a workaholic grandma or whatever you are to the outside world. But, to the people to whom you want to become close, you should be one thing and one thing only: your best self. After all, only if they know you, will they be good friends. 2. Avoid Gossiping Gossiping is perhaps one of the most indecent things that indecent people indulge in. And to think that all the educated ones are truly into this is just heart wrenching if not anything else. Remember this, what goes around comes around, guys. And before it does, it takes a detour to fall into the ears of the person who you are back-biting. Basically, the person will get to know what you were gossiping about. It’s simple: what can go wrong, will. 3. Don’t Forget To Make Time For Your Friends The tough thing to crack in people is what they like. No matter h

5 Writing Techniques For The Smashing Audience Attraction

Back in 2005 blogging was brand new, so everybody was experimenting to see what works better. They soon realized that if you publish articles on a consistent basis, no matter their quality, you could get a lot of traffic. But things slowly changed and now people don’t pay attention to crappy content anymore. So if you write papers for money and their quality is very low you will soon be out of business. Although some so-called experts still recommend publishing articles every week or even every day if you want to increase your traffic, this is not true. You can write a single article a month, but if it’s of exceptional value to your reader, it will make all the difference and boost traffic before you even realize it. Here is what you should be paying attention to in your blog posts if you want to smash the audience. 1 . Who is your audience? One thing is clear: you cannot write articles for everyone. By creating blogs about social skills, productivity, fitness or writing cor

10 mobile security myths that need debunking

Securing mobile devices is a continuing challenge for enterprises as they deploy more mobile applications. In some cases, security risks are overblown; in others, they are underestimated. What myths about mobile security should IT security managers be aware of? Read my essay now! 1: Mobile devices don't need encryption A surprising number of companies don't implement data encryption on mobile devices. If these devices are being used as thin clients only, with enterprise data being stored in the cloud, there is less need for encryption. However, more and more mobile devices store contacts lists, photos, price lists, sales notes, and other sensitive information. The localized storage enables field-based personnel to keep working even if the cloud becomes unavailable. For these reasons alone, encryption should more widely considered. 2: Wearables don't need to have security practices applied Wearable devices are just beginning to make an entry into enterprises. In early