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My mother

Mothers follow our lives, support and help make decisions however old we might be. Since our childhood, they have been with us; first singing lullabies to us and comforting when we were scared of darkness. As time goes by, we grow up, and our mothers are still there for us. They help us go through our personal problems, motivate and direct us. We are always going to be the smartest, sweetest and kindest for them. My Mother is for sure my best friend and wisest adviser. Not everyone can say the same, and therefore, I feel lucky. I was rather shy as a child. I enjoyed reading, imagining and creating my own games that other children were not interested in. I liked being on my own and could not understand the joy of running around and shouting. Whenever I needed company, I would turn to my Mother, my only friend. We would invent nicknames for one another and play together; we did have a lot of fun. Yet, any child needs to play with other children, and thus, learn how to socialize. G

5 Best File Manager Apps To Make Your Life Easy

1. Solid Explorer File Manager Solid explorer is always considered to be one of the most impressive and most preferred financial crisis essay topics . Its better, faster and solid when compared to the competition. Solid Explorer features a dual paneled display to browse files with drag and drop option, it greatly increases your productivity. Moreover it ultimate cloud manager, since it provides you with a wide accessibility Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive. One more feature which makes it standout ahead in race is that it allows the content to be casted to your chromecast. Here you can freely customize the interface as per your taste. It also allows to create or extract commonly used archives like Zip, RAR. The astonishing functionality reside inside it which have ability to change system level file properties 2. File Commander-File Manager It is developed by MobiSystems. File Commander is complete package that allows you to operate any file on your android device via intuit

Delivery drones

Most students are familiar with drones from footage in the media, and low-end devices are now affordable enough for enthusiasts to get directly involved. Meanwhile, on the commercial side, logistics companies like Amazon (Prime Air), DHL and UPS are investigating the use of drones for parcel distribution—particularly 'last mile' deliveries in rural areas where conventional vans and trucks can struggle. Google's X 'moonshot factory' is also doing R&D on delivery drones under its Project Wing. As far as public acceptance is concerned, the position on drone deliveries seems to be 'interested but wary'. An online survey conducted by the US Postal Service in June 2016 found that while three-quarters of the 1,465 respondents expected drone delivery by 2021, less than half (44 percent) liked the idea. Drone malfunction was the main concern (46 percent) with theft (16 percent) and intentional misuse (14 percent) much less serious worries. Speedy delivery